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Having defeated a group of goblins on the second floor of a ruined tower…The party hears the howl of wolves from above. They venture up the spiral stairs and face more goblins. Bad news. These goblins keep wolves as pets. After pushing past the attack wolves they find a filthy throne room of a goblin underboss. The party fights bravely. Twice, Torweegois struck down. His comrade's Eron and Grit help revive him. Mattigan, the quick footed ranger isn't quick enough. He falls into a pit trap laid by the goblins. It is not Gorn's day. Failure is his mantra this day. However he manages to help his comrades somewhat. Following their victory they search the room and find a secret compartment in a jeweled throne. Rokudo, the party's guide finds what he's looking for: The Eye of The Crane. After returning to the Crane Garden, the Eye is replaced in a central monument. Life returns to the garden and Rokudo's master, Jomon meets the party.

Jomonis an exiled member of the Kingdom of the Sun. He is the steward and de facto ruler of the House of the Crane. He's grateful for the help from our group of heros and he asks them to help find his brother Noroand his sister Shava. He doesn't know where to start looking.. but ou heros do.

 That brings them to Fallcrest. The Moonsong temple is the home of the most expansive library and archive in the region. After a partially successful negotiation with a young monk,  Andur Larendawn they find some leads that may send them on their way.

 A document called "The Epic of Harkane" describes a dismembered hero being buried in the Sword Barrows.
In "The Sutra's of Pelor" Which describes the works of the Nuns of the Sunstone Abbey… it says the nuns took in a young girl exiled by her kingdom.
The current Gardmore Abbey is built on the ruins of the Sunstone Abbey.
 there was young girl of royalty hidden away by the Nuns of the original Gardmore Abbey.
Another source shows a treaty brokered among he Crane House. The House of the Crab and the House of the Lily… this was arbitrated  by a group who could now be connected to the Woodsinger Elves of the Harken Forest.
Finally..A prophecy found in a document Called " Sol Ta'karth" or The "Chronicle of the Sun Kings."....Says if the Kingdom of the Sun and it's balance is disrupted… there will be a great calamity across the land. A demon ruler may rise to power if Only the Arbiters can prevent the bloodshed and terror that could result if the houses of the sun are allowed to reign. Only the Arbiters can bring peace.

After they find this information Adur delivers this warning…It may be too late… the demon ruler may already be loose!


Mattigan’s take on things.

Coming up the spiral staircase, Gorn the dwarf beheld a small goblin and two large wolves. Before he could react the wolves were upon him. After attempting to force his way through the wolves he stormed back down the spiral staricase. Grit the draconic paladin made an attempt to push past them also, but was thrashed by the wolf. I charged up the staircase and swiftly fired two arrows at the wolf, which were deflected . Grit managed to force the wolves away so I could rush into the room. I dashed in and used my bow’s thunder strike to fire back at the wolf and the goblin around Grit, pummeling them with thunder damage. A goblin jumped off a throne in the room and stabbed me , and Torwego slinked in and sliced one of the wolves around Grit. The nearby goblin stabbed Torwego. Gorn rushed back up the stairs and Reaping Strike attacked the wolf inthe back. Grit swung at the wolf and but his weapon failed to find its mark. I slipped nimbly back and fired at the goblin who had been on the throne. Eron smote one of the wolves. The “throne” goblin attacked Torwego, and stabbed for 8 damage. Torwego fumbled, then Gorn cleaved the throne goblin and the wolf in one blow. Grit performed a holy strike on the wolf and it yelped in pain. The Throne goblin and the other surrounded me at the throne while the others in my group fought the remaining wolf. Meanwhile the large goblin attacked Torwego who bled on the floor, there were many attempts in the confusion to save his life. Eron performed a holy strike, and his god as a result blessed Torwego who then stirred. As a goblin struck at me I deftly jumped backwards out of his reach, while training on his head with my bow. However as I fired, the ground gave way and my arrows clattered at the ceiling as I tumbled backwards, strking the ground hard. After I gathered myself up and scrambled out of the pit, I could see the huge goblinlike creature barreling past me, terrified. When he saw me though he smashed me in the shoulder with a morning star. Reeling, and barely hanging on to consciousness, I summoned my strength and slipped back and made an Evasive Strike. I missed, but I summoned my wits and used Twin Strike on my quarry. Both shots rang true sending the Big Goblin tumbling over the edge of this crumbling open room. I started to stumble to the ground, reeling with pain. Eron saw my distress and concentrated his god’s will on restoring my strength. As I straggled back to my feet, I could see that Eron then used divine strike on the smaller goblin. Torwego fired a crossbow and struck the smaller goblin who was slain. Gorn knocked the goblin to the ground in a dwarfly effort, and Grit finished him off with a mighty blow.

Finding the Eye of the Crane

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